2012 Year in Review

  • Co-sponsored “100 Years of Puget Sound Nikkei Community History,”  publication, an updated sequel to “Coming Home,” a publication originally published by the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) in 1988.  This beautiful 149-page pictorial was jointly sponsored by the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and The North American Post (NA Post) newspaper. 
  • Sponsored popular events featuring Japanese/Nikkei educational speakers such as Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani and philanthropist Scott Oki; cultural events including a kimono extravaganza featuring Kimono Master Yu Ugawa, and two sushi programs featuring Master Chef Shiro Kashiba and Chef Daisuke Nakazawa; benefit performances featuring Sansei jazz pianist Deems Tsutakawa; a Japanese beer garden, and more.  All total, we drew several thousand attendees and received highly positive feedback. 
  • Initiated a groundbreaking Newspaper Digital Archive Project.  Co-sponsored by the University of Washington (UW), we seek to digitize over 100 years of The NA Post/NA Times newspaper.  This will be the first bilingual English and Japanese newspaper to feature keyword search capability using the U.W.’s database system and technology called Contentdm©We hope that the first sample issues from the year 1946 will be available online for viewing during the first quarter of 2013.  The collection will be named NA Post (hokubei hochi) Digital Newspaper Collection. 

The Project Team is comprised of:  Glenda Pearson, Microfilm Department, UW Suzzallo Library: Anne Graham and Theo Gerontakos, UW Digital Initiatives Program; Gina Kessler, UW graduate intern; Maiya Gessling, UW student intern; Shihou Sasaki, NA Post; Eddy Harrison, UW East Asia Library; Shawn Schollmeyer, National Newspaper Digital Project; Yohji Kameoka, volunteer translator; two bilingual interns from UW Bothell supervised by Kristen Gustafson.  Elaine Ikoma Ko is the main staff for the project. 

  • Sponsored an inaugural Student Intern Program, sending intern Maiya Gessling to Japan this past October.  Maiya is a UW junior majoring in international studies with a minor in Japanese language.  Her articles are regularly published in The NA Post newspaper.

Staff:  Elaine Ikoma Ko; assisted by Travis Suzaka of The NA Post; Maiya Gessling, student intern.

Board of Directors:  Tomio Moriguchi, President; Randy Tada, Secretary; Yohji Kameoka, Mick Matsuzawa, Mayumi Nakamura, Eri Takahashi.