Nagomi Tea House Staff Position Announcement

We are recruiting for a staff to manage the Nagomi Tea House, sponsored by the non-profit Hokubei Hochi Foundation.  The position description is below.  If you are interested, please send resume and brief cover letter to:  

Nagomi Tea House Staff Position Announcement

  (June 2016)

The Nagomi Tea House, operated under the non-profit Hokubei Hochi Foundation, is located in Seattle’s International District at 519 Sixth Avenue South.  The space is available to the public to rent for events.

The tea house staffperson has primary responsibility to interface with potential users, show the space, prepare rental agreements, prepare the space for uses, and cleaning up the space after uses.

Specific responsibilities are:

·      Handle all inquiries via phone, email or in-person regarding Tea House space.

·      Show the space and negotiate details of the use with potential users.

·      Prepare rental agreements, collect funds, follow-up with any questions or issues that may arise.

·      Set up the space using a customized floor plan for each event.

·      Arrange to open up the tea house, and close-up/lock down procedures after event ends (other personnel can assist here)

·      Purchase supplies that maximize efficiency and cost savings.

·      Interface with landlord maintenance personnel as needed.

Required Skills and Abilities

·      Excellent communication skills

·      Passion and priority for great customer service and willingness to “go the extra mile” for customers.

·      Attention to detail

·      Strong follow-through; timely completion of all tasks

·      Ability to prioritize schedules and deadlines

Supervision and Training

·      Staff person reports to owner representative and will be assisted by current tea house staff

Hours:  approximately 5-15 per week (varies depending on number of events)

Pay:  Hourly negotiable, independent contract, no benefits

Physical Requirements: Ability to lift 10-20 pounds, routinely moving tables and chairs.

See:  Please send resume and brief cover letter to:  Thank you for your interest.